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12 Lessons Learned From Having Bad Sex

Faking orgasms comes up many times.

We all love good sex stories, but sometimes you learn the most from bad ones.

In the video above by Buzzfeed, the site took a look at unpleasant sex stories off of Whisper the app — a platform that allows anonymous users to post confessions. From unromantic sex experiences in the shower to having sex with someone who is vain, the lessons are intended to encourage people to avoid these mistakes.

Besides having sex drunk (which ends up being one of the most common lessons), faking orgasms also ranks high. According to one study, women often fake orgasms to enhance their own sexual experience — more than 80 per cent.

While this can be both a negative and positive thing (this particular study suggests women faking orgasms can result in a positive sexual outcome), it's always important to communicate with your partner.

Watch the video above to find out some other deep dark secrets.


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