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Baking Substitutions For Flour, Eggs, Sugar And More During The Coronavirus Pandemic

No more all-purpose flour? You've got options for alternatives.

If you’re under the impression everybody and their cat has turned to baking in the last few weeks, you’re not wrong.

There’s a handful of psychological benefits associated with baking and given the stress associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, therapy can rise up in many shapes or forms. And you know what else comes in many shapes and forms? Carbs. Sweet, sweet, delicious carbohydrates.

So as Canadians continue to reach for their bags of flour to feed their sourdough starter or dust their rolling pins, it can get harder for newcomers and pros to get the ingredients they need.

So before you don your gloves and cloth face mask and make that trip out to your local grocery store, consider some of the baking substitutions in the video above. It might save you an unnecessary trip outside and give you back time you could be using to proof your next batch of bread.

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