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A Balanced Home: How A Problem In One Part Of Your House Affects Everything

old wood house in bryggen
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old wood house in bryggen

Your house is a multifaceted entity not unlike an ecological system. It is similarly complex and interconnected, so if one thing is out of order, it will certainly affect something else. As well, small issues can grow into large problems without proper maintenance and care.

Here we look at potential problem areas, both inside and out, to help your home achieve a state of balance.

I) Inside the home

Water and Plumbing

Water can be a nuance in your home if not properly considered — even minimal damage caused by water can lead to something significant. Leaks from pipes and toilets or sinks and tubs can seep into your ceilings, damage your floorboards, and so much more. Adding insult to financial injury, your water bill might see a steep hike, too.

Consider what might happen if you do a poor job changing your kitchen faucet. If not installed or sealed properly, leaks can occur with your laminate or wood-based countertop. This may go undetected for some time until it’s too late to prevent water damage.


With winter approaching, keeping your house warm is likely one of your biggest concerns. Your furnace is important to maintain, but so is the insulation in your house, the quality of which can make your energy bill rise or fall.

Be aware, though, that certain kinds of insulation, such as spray foam, can cause further issues with your home, including cracks, off-gassing, or even health related concerns.

II) Outside the home

Roof and Water

Water can cause problems outside the house, too. If water builds up from natural causes like rain or snow it can lead to nasty issues. Damage to your roof can trickle down to your attic and cause mildew or mould, which means potential rotting and can get into other structural elements of your home.


Once again, the destructive potential of water is a key consideration here. Improper drainage can substantially affect you and your wallet in two critical ways.

1) Improperly maintained gutters can lead to issues with your roof, especially if they have already been damaged by wind or water. Damaged or clogged gutters can lead to some of the following issues: basement flooding, erosion, paint and structural damage, warped doorframes, wood, floorboards, and upheavals.

2) Another way that drainage can affect your home is via landscaping. What happens in your garden may have an impact on your basement. If there are already existing cracks in your exterior walls, then it is easier for water to get into your house, so make sure to check that they are sealed up properly. Slope your drainage away from your house so that water runoff does not cause any foundational damage. If water hits the foundation, then you are in big trouble.

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