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Barbie Ferreira Is Unretouched And Gorgeous In Missguided's New Fall Plus-Size Campaign

Because let's be honest, Barbie Ferreira definitely doesn't need it.

Who is doing well in the world of fashion today? Missguided.

The U.K. brand landed It girl Barbara "Barbie" Ferreira for their fall 2016 plus-size campaign and they decided to ditch Photoshop entirely for the shoot.

@missguided campaign is out #babesofmissguided ✨💘

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With over 350,000 followers on Instagram, the curvy model, who has been dubbed the "queen of in-between," becomes the face of the new ad which is completely unretouched and features a collection that "can let you be a badass b*tch without an asterisk or a label."

That's right — in the shots that show the 19-year-old model wearing skin-tight skirts, bodycon dresses and oversized sweaters, Ferriera is "unashamed and confident within her skin" while living out Missguided's mission to "empower babes of all sizes."

"Plus isn’t the word, we are here to empower girls to dress however they want, regardless of size," Missguided stated in a press release according to Cosmopolitan. "Looking hot and being able to express yourself is a right, not a luxury."

In the campaign video, Ferreira, who recently appeared in Rachel Antonoff and Addition Elle's New York Fashion Week shows, is seen modelling the latest collection and talks openly about the word "plus-size."

"There's nothing wrong with being plus-size and I don't think the word is negative at all. It's just, I think as an industry, people put you in little groups and it makes you not have as many opportunities as everyone else," she said.

"At the end of the day, curve modelling as such a wide variety of sizing that it's inaccurate and so unnecessary. There’s absolutely no boundaries in dressing for any size, ever," Ferreira continued.

And this campaign isn't the first time Barbie has said no to retouching — she starred in the #AerieReal campaign which featured "real" women, "real" bodies and no Photoshopping.

Ferriera has taken it upon herself to be a spokesperson for young, curvy girls, crediting social media for bringing awareness to "body, gender, sexuality, (dis)ability, and race."

my apartment is a never ending maze of boxes for a variety of things

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As Missguided notes, "It's time to get ahead of the curve and just give women the freedom to dress however they want."

Shop Missguided's new collection here.

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