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B.C. Photographer Of The Month: David Chang (PHOTOS)

For October's HuffPost B.C. Photographer of the Month, we take you to the Cowichan Valley with the work of David Chang.

Chang was born and raised in Duncan on Vancouver Island, but didn't take up photography as a hobby until the end of 2012. That's when he got a DSLR for Christmas so that he could take photos of his sons at their soccer games.

"Things progressed from there," Chang told HuffPost B.C. in an email. "I found a passion for landscape and wildlife photography, learning from books, magazines, and good ole YouTube."

Whether it's a still morning's fog or a bright field of flowers, Chang's photos capture the stunning and serene.

Chang, 48, is the owner and head chef of Dragon Yuan Chinese Restaurant in Cobble Hill. With such a crazy work schedule, Chang says that photography has taught him to slow down and enjoy his surroundings: "I take the time now to visit local areas that I had never seen — and scenes that I drive by everyday — since I've picked up a camera."

Check out some of his gorgeous photos:

David Chang Photography, B.C.

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