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B.C. Winter Weather Forecast

What can British Columbians expect this winter: wet, cold, warm or dry? The Weather Network says prepare for it to be ... "normal."

The Weather Network, which released its winter forecast for the December, January and February on Monday, says the West Coast should see familiar winter conditions while a bigger blast of cold is expected across the country.

"Normal" winter conditions mean that Vancouver can expect highs of seven degrees Celsius and a low of one this winter. It can also expect 452 mm of precipitation over the three months.

That's about the same amount of rain as last year, when Vancouver saw 453.2 mm of precipitation and the temperature dipped to -5.6 degrees Celsius in January.

The temperature was at its highest in February, climbing to 11.5 degree Celsius, according to the Weather Network.

Meanwhile, Victoria should expect similar temperatures and 396 mm of rain.

"Do expect some shifts in volatile weather patterns," Bryn Jones, a Weather Network meteorologist, said in a news release. "Periods of nice weather will be offset by stormy weather."

Cooler temperatures than normal are predicted for the northern Prairies, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, which are expected to dip below their 30-year temperature average.

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