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A Beginners Guide To A Day At The Horse Racing Track

A GIF Guide To A Day At The Racetrack

If you're looking for a summer activity that's fun for the whole gang, a visit to the racetrack could be just the ticket. A day at the races is not nearly as intimidating as you may think. In fact, it can be quite casual, and is accessible to virtually anyone interested. Exciting events throughout the season mean everything from jockey meet-and-greets to live music and giveaways.

But before you say giddyup, reign it in for a second. Pun intended. In partnership with OLG, here are just a few things newbies should know so they can hit the track in confident style.

No fascinator? No problem

A day at the races, should be casual and accessible. A three-piece lavender suit isn't necessary, but it can be a fun place to get a little out of your comfort zone, style-wise. Hats and fascinators are typically not required unless you're attending the Queen's Plate, where dressing to impress is part of the fun.

Don't fill up on peanuts and popcorn

Just because you're sitting in the stands doesn't mean peanuts and popcorn are your only culinary options. Horse racing aside, the track is home to an abundance of delicious eats, from buffets to dining rooms with picturesque views. There's really something for everyone, whether you just want to grab a slice of pizza, sip a refreshing cocktail or enjoy a three-course meal.

Find what makes you feel lucky

Whether you rely on a favourite number, a tried-and-true luckiest colour, or just feel inspired by the kookiest horse name on the roster, there are countless ways to make your picks. Similarly, there are countless ways to celebrate if you win, so cue up your happy dance.

Master betting 101

It's not rocket science—but it may feel that way the first time you place your show bet. If you're a newbie, for the most part, you start off making any of these three picks: a horse to win, a horse to place or a horse to show.* (Essentially this means selecting the horses that could come in first, second and third, or you could select one horse for all three potential outcomes. But get the proper lingo down, and you'll gain instant cred!) As you become more comfortable with the rules, you may graduate to exotic wagers. Knowledge is your greatest ally when it comes to betting on horseracing.

From the thrill of the race to seasonal events that everyone can enjoy, there's so much fun to be had at the racetrack this summer. Visit Ontario Racing to learn more and plan your next trip.

*You must be 18 years of age or older to place a bet.

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