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The Benefits Of Getting Outside (INFOGRAPHIC)


When was the last time you felt the grass beneath your feet? If statistics are anything to go by, you probably can't even remember.

Thanks to more of us living in cities than ever before, fewer people are finding their ways into the great outdoors on a regular basis -- and it's starting to wreak havoc on our health. We've all experienced the "aaahh" feeling when breathing in fresh air, and that physical benefit goes right to our heads. Even if you're hitting up the gym regularly, studies have shown that putting in time outdoors instead can up positive mental health by 50 per cent.

While every Canadian city has some green space built into its infrastructure -- and certain spots have an embarrassing amount of riches in the natural sphere -- in this country, wide open expanses are never more than a two-hour drive away, so excuses (especially on a long weekend) are virtually nil.

Take a look at's infographic to see just how few of us are spending time outside -- and why we really need to:

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