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Best And Worst Dressed: Famous Faces And Moments In Canadian Political Fashion History (PHOTOS)

Best Dressed: Trudeau. Worst Dressed... (PHOTOS)

They're suave. They're savvy. And sometimes, they're sartorially smart.

No, we're not talking about celebrities or supermodels -- we're actually talking about Canadian politicians.

In few other spheres of public life is dressing and playing "the part" more important than it is when running for -- or trying to stay -- in office. What politicians wear can have a huge effect on how their constituents, opponents and the international audience perceive them. Think the Prime Minister would be caught going barefoot or shaving his head a la Britney Spears in an election year? We don't think so (maybe after a defeat, though?).

As we enter one of the most important politics-focused weekends of the year -- the NDP Convention in Toronto -- we thought we'd take a look at some of Canada's best and worst dressed politicians. What are some of the most memorable politico fashion moments? Who are our most fashionable faces, and who needs a lesson in what not to wear on the campaign trail? Is there anyone who deserves to be revered for their fashion sense the way Americans go nuts for Michelle Obama's outfits?

Check out our picks in the slideshow below. Did we miss a style icon or moment from Canada's political scene? Let us know what you think @HuffPostCanada or in the comments below.

Jack Layton's Moustache

Sartorial Moments Of The Canadian Political Scene (PHOTOS)

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