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Best April Fool's Jokes From Across Canada In 2015

A sure sign that April Fool's Day is over.

With the arrival of April 1 (a.k.a. April Fool's Day) came many hilarious jokes across Canada.

In the past, we saw pranks such as shoe phones, Canadian businesses moving to metric time, and public transit systems selling off subway stations.

A few places stepped up their game this year; others changed it completely.

Here are 13 of the best April Fool's jokes we saw out of Canada this year:

Wingman gives you wings. Talks you up to your dates. Even stops the others guys from scoring.

Don't just eat OFF the floor ... eat the floor!

Because caterpillars should transform in comfort.

A novel, thought-provoking method to block out the stigma of mental illness.

Just imagine the public hearing...

If Doritos could have fried chicken- and pizza-flavoured chips, then what's stopping this from becoming a reality?

We'd actually be cool with this.

"Bootcut jean with a belly panel."

The lake was drained to ensure it could be painted to obtain that perfect shade of blue tourists love.

WestJet just found a quirky solution to that pesky problem of finding a seat on a plane.

The company has been a notorious prankster in the past. Learn from people in the know.

Best seats in the house!

Forget the dog squad, meet the "purrtrol!"

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