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Best Cold Creams: 5 Tried And Tested Products For Your Skin

5 Tried And Tested Cold Creams For Your Skin

Go Natural

While traditional cold creams trap moisture in the skin by creating a physical barrier of mineral oil or petrolatum, this au naturel version lets skin breathe thanks to its hero ingredient, beeswax. Sweet almond oil also soothes and softens. This cream is designed primarily as a moisturizer, not as a cleanser. Weleda Cold Cream, $18,

Tried, Tested, True

While you won’t find a litany of lofty claims on the label of this cold cream, you will get a tried-and- true classic that cleanses, removes makeup and moisturizes at the same time. Women (including celebrity fans like Kylie Minogue) have declared their loyalty to the inexpensive but effective formula. Pond’s Cold Cream, $11, at drugstores

Sensitive Skin Soother

Looking for lush beauty luxury? Leave it to the French. This cold cream formula relies on thermal spring water from Avène’s famous healing water springs in Avène, France, to balance skin. Say goodbye to the irritation you get from other creams. This formula is so gentle, it’s easily tolerated on even the most sensitive of skin types. Incroyable! Avène Cold Cream, $21, at drugstores

The Icon

This crème has been around for 101 years and was one of the first water-in-oil formulas to hit the market. With its rich emollience, it shields skin from environmental aggressors—biting winter winds, pollution—and holds moisture in the skin. It’s fantastic on rough spots like elbows, knees and heels. Nivea Crème, $11, at drugstores

The Upgrade

Say hello to a classic formula that will give you new results. In addition to the tried-and-true traditional cold cream ingredients like lanolin and mineral oil, this luxurious cleansing balm is packed with oils and herbs (like clove, eucalyptus and chamomile oils) to melt away makeup and offer intense hydration to skin. Eve Lom Cleanser, $55,

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