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The Best Horror Movies To Watch, Based On Your Mood

Canadian horror film director Tricia Lee brings the spook factor.

If you're an avid fan of Halloween, then you know watching horror movies throughout October is a definite must. But with so many different types of horror films out there, how do you choose the best one to watch?

The most logical thing to do is to choose one based on your mood. So to help us narrow down the best films of the genre, we asked Canadian horror film director Tricia Lee for her advice.

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The Toronto native is the director of three award-winning horror films. Her most recent feature, "Blood Hunters," had its world premiere at Horror Channel's Frightfest in London, U.K. last year and won Audience Choice Best Feature at Fright Night Film Fest.

I grew into horror as opposed to growing up with horror.

Although Lee has found success with horror films, she wasn't always a fan. "I grew into horror as opposed to growing up with horror," she told HuffPost Canada via email. "After 'Carrie' and 'The Exorcist,' I shied away from it. But when I made my first feature 'Clean Break' in 2011 and did some research, I found a lot of genre films that were up my alley."

Since then, Lee has come to appreciate all that horror has to offer. "I enjoy working in elevated genre because I get to hold a microscope up to humanity, create new worlds, and explore how humans react to extraordinary circumstances," she said of her films.

"While my stories might seem larger than life, the over-the-top genre conventions allow us to explore real world issues in a fun way and discover deeply emotional situations that our audience can relate to."

With this in mind, here are Lee's top horror picks based on genre. What are you in the mood for?

1. Classic Horror

Lee's pick: "Carrie"

Why: "The ending scene still haunts me until this day."

2. Psychological Thriller

Lee's pick: "Silent House"

Why: "This movie was shot all in one take and yet tells a compelling story and ramps up the tension and suspense."

3. Slasher

Lee's pick: "Scream"

Why: "I know it's a slasher movie about slasher movies, but that's what makes it great. It plays on our love of slasher movie tropes."

4. Comedy-Horror

Lee's pick: "Get Out"

Why: "I've heard a lot of people categorize this movie as comedy-horror, and while it's not laugh-out-loud funny, it is satire at its best mixed with the horrors of humanity."

5. Supernatural

Lee's pick: "Oculus"

Why: "I saw this at TIFF Midnight Madness in the front row and it still had me literally on the edge of my seat. The tension is ratcheted up throughout the movie with only short bursts of relief."

6. Zombie Flick

Lee's pick: "Train to Busan"

Why: "The best genre film of 2016 where you care about every character that dies. And there is a large body count."

7. Sci-Fi Horror

Lee's pick: "Cube"

Why: "What a brilliant concept that takes place in one location — shot in one room, in fact — but unravels a mystery that keeps us guessing all the way to the end."

8. Japanese Horror

Lee's pick: "Audition"

Why: "From 1999, this is the film I think of when people say Japanese Horror. Don't mess with that girl, she'll stick needles in your eyes!"

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