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World's Toughest Job Ad Describes Worst/Best Job Ever

WATCH: The World's Toughest Job Is The Worst/Best

If you saw a job listing for a role that asked for 135+ hours a week, the ability to work standing up at all times, crisis management skills, in addition to degrees in finance, medicine and culinary arts, and no pay, would you apply?

You probably already know where the video above, posted by Cardstore, is going with this, but that doesn't make the message any less poignant.

The company posted this ad online, then interviewed 24 people who actually applied. After going through the ridiculous list of responsibilities and prompting the respondents to say things like "nobody's doing that for free!," they came to the inevitable punchline: it's the job description of a mom. And yes, that's when the waterworks start, for both the interviewees and anyone watching.

We all know how much mothers do for their children and families on any given day, but seeing it spelled out like this, and being reminded of just how much they give to those around them is worth honouring as much as possible.

And yes, Mother's Day is called a Hallmark holiday for a reason, and yes, this is essentially an ad for a card store, but when it's giving respect to those billions of women who are currently feeling exhausted or frustrated or completely unappreciated, then we're willing to embrace the emotion that reminds us that our moms are the best. Yours is too.

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