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Best Super Bowl Ads Roundups And Top Picks To Watch For The Time-Crunched

Your time is money. As much money as it costs to air one of these ads.

The Super Bowl is the one televised event where viewers don't skip the commercials on purpose.

Nay, the advertising culture is so well-developed around the NFL's watched-by-millions finale that brands pay big bucks to premiere their ads, and viewers tune in hoping to see some masterful creations that they can bring to the water cooler the next morning ('cause that's still a thing in 2019, right?).

But let's face it, we Canadians still get short shrift when it comes to being treated to the best Super Bowl ads from the U.S. Local broadcasters don't air them, or they air a select few repeatedly. How is one supposed to dazzle Marty and Susan over a cone of water with those offerings?! And who has time to search for each of the ads?

Worry not, gentle friends, we've got you covered. We're rounding up some of the best Super Bowl 2019 ad compilations and top picks that highlight the best moments from the most-talked about ads that aired Sunday. We'll be updating so you've got all the fresh info. Your colleagues will be so impressed.

Watch above: The Best Super Bowl Ads According To Time's Randomly Appointed Categories

The background info round-up

How much does a 30-second Super Bowl ad cost? Who are the biggest advertisers of the night? Who's making a comeback this year? This pre-Super Bowl primer from The Street has all the stats.

The best food ads round-up

Curiously, Food&Wine missed the buzzy Backstreet Boys x Chance The Rapper Doritos commercial in this one, but they did include an unusual Stella Artois spot featuring pop-culture icons The Dude and Carrie Bradshaw.

The very long Super Bowl ad featuring John Malkovich

This four-minute spot that opened the game's broadcast is long, but there's payoff if you're a Peyton Manning or John Malkovich fan, or have always secretly wished someone would hang up on John Malkovich (oops, spoiler alert).

The blatant/authorized "Game of Thrones" rip-off

The chilling teaser for the final season of "Game Of Thrones" aired in Canada, while our U.S. neighbours got this mash-up of the Bud Knight vs. The Mountain. You can guess who it went.

The best riff on Michael Bublé's last name

A little Can-con for you, sports fans. One of our country's favourite crooners is starring in his first Super Bowl ad, but he's got a bit of a ... branding problem.

The terrifying glimpse into our future

Ostensibly, it starts as a positive PSA about the good that is America. Watch and see how it all ends.

The trailer that gives us something to look forward to

"Higher, further, faster, baby." That's how Brie Larson as Captain Marvel does it, and this Super Bowl aired trailer gives us every indication that that will be the order of the day come March 8.

The other much-buzzed about superhero trailer

The Avengers are back. And they have an endgame, apparently. We don't really know what it is yet, but all will be revealed in April.

The trailer that will scare the beans out of you

You loved "Get Out." Well it's your lucky day because director Jordan Peele is back with a sneak peek of "Us," and it's creepy as all get-out (ha, see what we did there?).

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