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Best Toys For Christmas 2017: 50 Hot Gifts Every School-Aged Kid Will Be Asking For

Time to get shopping!
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Christmas shopping for kids can be pretty daunting, especially if you're not a parent yourself. What are kids into these days? How do you know what's hot? And where do you buy Hatchimals?

So many questions, so little time. That's why we've compiled a list of 50 hot toys for school-aged kids that are sure to be on their wish lists this year. These toys are suitable for ages five to 12 and are guaranteed to make them happy come Christmas morning.

L.O.L. Big Surprise

This is the “it” toy of 2017 and it’s not hard to see why. Described as the “ultimate unboxing experience,” this toy includes 50 surprises for kids to unwrap, including dolls, accessories, bath bombs and more. And the best part? The glitter ball packaging can be used as a purse. Ages 6-9

Where to get it: Chapters/Indigo, $99.95

Nerf Modulus Regulator
Toys R Us

Nerf guns might seem like a summer toy, but kids have just as much fun with them indoors as they do out. This Nerf Regulator blaster has three shooting modes and comes with 24 darts. Like all Nerf guns, it’s also completely customizable and comes with a blaster, short barrel-scope, long barrel-scope, storage stock, and handle. Ages 8-12

Where to get it: Toys R Us, $49.95

Nickelodeon Slime: Make Your Own Super Slimetastic Fun

Everyone knows kids love slime, and with this kit, they can make their own in glow, glitter, and neon colours. Ages 6+

Where to get it: Chapters/Indigo, $29.95

Lego Ninjago City Chase
Mastermind Toys

You can’t go wrong with Lego, which is why this set is a great option. This one is themed after “The LEGO Ninjago Movie,” which was released in September, 2017. Ages 7+

Where to get it: Mastermind Toys, $24.99

Just because Hatchimals reigned supreme last year, doesn’t mean they’re no longer popular. In case you’re out of the loop, Hatchimals are interactive toys that literally hatch from a large egg. Kids can then teach their new friend how to walk, talk, dance, and play. Ages 5+

Where to get it: Amazon, $89.89

Everest Crazy Forts

Making forts is a classic childhood activity, but thanks to Everest Crazy Forts, making them has never been easier. This set comes with a whopping 69 pieces for easy building. Once you have a structure, just add sheets and voila! All ages.

Where to get it: Amazon, $39.96

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku and BB-8 Adventure Set

Action figures are the best for imaginative play, and thanks to this set that comes with Rey and BB-8, your child will be busy reenacting all their favourite “Star Wars” moments. Ages 4+

Where to get it: Walmart, $29.92
Simon Air Game

This game is a play on Simon Says and uses touch-free technology to sense players’ motions. To play, kids watch and repeat patterns from memory. This fast-paced game can be played solo or with two players. Ages 9-12

Where to get it: Amazon, $29.97

Cool Maker Hair and Makeup Airbrush Styling Studio
Toys R Us

If your child has an interest in makeup and style, then this is the perfect toy for them! This set comes with an airbrush tool, makeup sticks (a.k.a. washable markers), hair extensions and more so that your child can experiment and give their model different beauty looks. Ages 10-11

Where to get it: Toys R Us, $34.97

Pie Face!

This classic game is guaranteed to get your kids laughing, especially if grandma or grandpa ends up being the unlucky one to get a pie (a.k.a. whipped cream) in the face! Ages 5+

Where to get it: Chapters/Indigo, $24.95

Harry Potter Illuminating Wand

This is a must-have toy for any “Harry Potter” fan, especially if your little wizard likes playing make-believe. This 14-inch wand lights on and off when you wave it. Ages 6+

Where to get it: Chapters/Indigo, $34.95

3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen

This is the coolest thing we’ve ever seen! This special pen allows you to create 3D printed objects by drawing in the air. By the press of a button, the pen extracts a string of eco-plastic that cools and hardens in the air to bring doodles to life! Ages 10+

Where to get it: Chapters/Indigo, $69.95

WowWee Fingerlings Baby Unicorn
Toys R Us

These adorable Fingerlings are interactive toys that react to touch, noise and motion. This particular one is named Gigi and will react differently when you pet her, hold her upside down and blow her a kiss! Ages 6-14

Where to get it: Toys R Us, $19.99

Apples To Apples
Toys R Us

There’s a reason this game is so popular. Not only is it easy to play, but it’s also hilarious! With four to 10 players, each person selects a card from their deck that they think best describes the card played by the judge. A great game to play with friends or family. Ages 12+

Where to get it: Toys R Us, $23.98

LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

If you’re looking for a great STEM gift that your child will really love, then look no further than the LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit. This set allows your child to create and customize their very own R2 Droid and encourages them to develop new skills and use their imagination. Ages 8+

Where to get it: Chapters/Indigo, $129.95

Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Set
Toys R Us

This racecar set presents kids with a new challenge: how to accurately time their cars so they don’t crash into one another. The added problem solving will preoccupy kids for hours! Ages 5-10

Where to get it: Toys R Us, $59.99

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, Firefox

This glimmering green putty is called foxfire after “the name of an eerie glow created by phosphorescent fungi in decaying wood.” Not only does this putty glow bright blue in the dark, but it also glows differently when you draw on it with its Glow Charger. Ages 3+

Where to get it: Chapters/Indigo, $19.95

DC Justice League Talking Heroes Wonder Woman

Add to your child’s “Justice League” collection with this talking Wonder Woman doll. This six-inch figure speaks authentic phrases and makes sounds from the movie. But the coolest part about this toy is that it recognizes other DC figures in the League when held in close proximity, including Batman, Superman and The Flash. Ages 5-8

Where to get it: Walmart, $19.97

HypnoGizmo Twirly Toy
Mastermind Toys

This toy takes the fidget spinner concept to the next level! The HypnoGizmo twists, twirls and clicks to keep kids engaged and entranced with its hypnotic motion. If your kid is fascinated by how things work, they’ll love this entertaining toy. Ages 5+

Where to get it: Mastermind Toys, $39.99

Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn
Toys R Us

Unicorns have become pretty trendy, which is why this interactive toy is such a hit. This magical unicorn can move, dance, make noise and light up its horn in a variety of colours. Ages 7-8

Where to get it: Toys R Us, $69.95

Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter
Toys R Us

“Star Wars” fandom isn’t dying down anytime soon, which is why this Lego set is always a great choice for kids. This model is also incredibly detailed — it comes with an opening cockpit for minifigures and has spring-loaded shooters. Plus, it includes a set of three minifigs for imaginative play. Ages 8-14

Where to get it: Toys R Us, $79.97

The Singing Machine — Portable Light Show Karaoke
Toys R Us

Karaoke is always a good idea! This is great for kids to jam out on their own or with friends and family. Not only can the machine be hooked up to your TV to display the lyrics, but it can also provide a light show thanks to its built-in LED lights! Ages 8-14

Where to get it: Toys R Us, $99.99

Mastermind Toys

This silly game will have kids squealing! Players stand in a circle holding the bands provided and take turns kicking the spinner, which will tell them which coloured band to step over or under. As the game goes on, the group is bound to get twangled. Ages 6+

Where to get it: Mastermind Toys, $34.99

Fashion Plates

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Any budding fashionista will love this drawing set that allows them to mix and match different rubbing plates to create unique designs. Ages 6-12

Where to get it: Chapters/Indigo, $29.95

Pokémon Myserious Powers Tin

The Pokémon obsession isn’t exclusive to millennials. If you know a child who has a burning desire to “catch ‘em all,” then this Pokémon-GX collectible tin is for them! It includes one of three Pokémon-GX cards, four TCG booster packs and a code to unlock a playable deck for the online Pokémon Trading Card Game. Ages 6-14

Where to get it: Walmart, $29.92

The Fast and Furious F8 Elite Off-Road 1:12 RC

This big remote control car is sure to impress your kids. Measuring 21-inches long, this “Fast and Furious” vehicle is super fast and can even do doughnuts! Plus, it comes with a rechargeable battery. Ages 9-12

Where to get it: Walmart, $49.97

Hatchimals Surprise

The craze of Hatchimals continues with this surprise twin version! These critters hatch from a speckled egg just like the originals, but because they’re twins, they can interact with each other. Ages 5+

Where to get it: Amazon, $79.95
Marvel Legends Series 12-inch Deadpool

We can’t deny that Deadpool is a pretty badass superhero, and we bet your child thinks so too! This 12-inch action figure comes with 14 accessories so that your youngster is fully prepared to save the day. Ages 4+

Where to get it: Walmart, $69.92

Friends — Heartlake Puppy Daycare

This adorable puppy Lego set will win over any animal lover. With 286 pieces, kids have plenty of resources to build Andrea and Mia’s Puppy Daycare. Includes Luna the Husky and Toffee the Pug figures. Ages 5-10

Where to get it: Walmart, $39.86

Spinos Mega Trax Magnetic Skill Toy
Mastermind Toys

This game is so cool! Spinos is a ball that creates a force field around itself when it is spun. To play, create a racecourse with the 17 pieces in this set, spin the ball and try to run it through the track by controlling it with a power ring. This toy is described as the “ultimate magnetospheres challenge game.” Ages 6+

Where to get it: Mastermind Toys, $44.99

Gamewright Sushi Go! Tin

Cards games are fun, no matter your age! This super cute sushi-themed one comes with 108 cards. Although it’s all about matching and strategic thinking, it’s a lot of fun for even the youngest kids. Ages 8+

Where to get it: Amazon, $16.91

NHL 24" Wood Tabletop Air Hockey
Toys R Us

NHL fans will love this air hockey tabletop. This fast-paced two-player game is battery powered and comes with covers for all NHL clubs so your kids can choose their favourite team. Ages 6-8

Where to get it: Toys R Us, $49.99

Pottery Cool Studio Kit

Turn your house into a pottery studio with this simple kit! Using the pottery wheel, kids can mold and sculpt their own unique designs. Plus, the kit also comes with paint so that your kiddos can make creative designs to complete their creations. Ages 9-12

Where to get it: Walmart, $39.97

Speak Out Kids vs. Parents Game

This ridiculous laugh-out-loud game requires players to wear a mouthpiece while trying to say different phrases. It’s then up to the other players to guess what they’re saying! Ages 8+

Where to get it: Amazon, $13.88

Star Wars The Last Jedi Choose Your Path Bladebuilders
Toys R Us

This bladebuilder perfectly combines your child’s love of “Star Wars” with their love of playing make-believe. This set comes with two connectors so your child can easily switch between a blue Jedi blade or a red Sith blade. Ages 5-11

Where to get it: Toys R Us, $52.97

Monopoly Gamer

There are so many versions of Monopoly out there, that there’s bound to be one your kid will love. Gamers, in particular, will appreciate this Nintendo Super Mario edition, which comes with character pieces such as Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and Yoshi. Ages 8+

Where to get it: Chapters/Indigo, $39.95

Crayola Silly Scents Marker Maker

This is a neat gift for the creative child. With this kit, they can create their own set of fruit-scented markers — 16, in fact! But don’t worry, it’s super easy to do. Ages 5+

Where to get it: Amazon, $14.96

Rock And Roll It Drum

Let your child live their rock 'n roll dreams with this awesome drum set! Complete with two drum sticks and two pedals, this portable instrument features multiple drum tones and instrumental tracks for your child to experiment with. Ages 6-12

Where to get it: Chapters/Indigo, $69.95

Magic Tracks Glow-In-The-Dark Racetrack Set

Racetrack sets have always been a classic toy because of the excitement of, well, racing. This Magic Tracks set is a standout though, as it comes with 220 pieces for kids to play around with and five built-in LED lightbulbs for glow-in-the-dark fun! All ages

Where to get it: Amazon, $29.95

Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Transforming Vehicle
Toys R Us

Any fan of “Paw Patrol” would be delighted to find this gift under their tree! This toy encourages imaginative play as your little one creates adventures with Ryder, Baby Octopus, and the Sea Patroller, which comes with sound and flashing lights! Ages 5+

Where to get it: Toys R Us, $59.97

Lego Minecraft — The Iron Golem

One of the greatest things about Lego is that it gets the kids away from their screens. If your child is obsessed with Minecraft, this gift is the way to go. Comes with an Alex and a zombie minifigure, as well as an iron golem and a baby pig. Ages 9-12

Where to get it: Walmart, $24.86

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Deck-Building Game

Just like Harry Potter and his friends, it’s up to the players to protect Hogwarts from evil forces. Playing as Harry, Ron, Hermione or Neville, each player tries to build a powerful deck with characters, spells and items. Ages 11+

Where to get it: Walmart, $38.98

Monster High Zomby Gaga Doll

This Monster High doll was inspired by Lady Gaga and her music video “Born This Way.” With every purchase, Monster High makes a donation to the Born This Way Foundation, a non-profit organization co-founded by the pop star to empower today’s youth. All ages.

Where to get it: Amazon, $59.99
ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge
Mastermind Toys

This game is part marble run, part logic game. Players pick a challenge card and follow the instructions to start building a roller coaster, but the card won’t tell them how to complete it. The hard part is figuring out where the remaining pieces go. If the players can do that, they win! Ages 8+

Where to get it: Mastermind Toys, $39.99

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Toy

This Crossfire Bow blaster is just what your child needs to fight off zombies! This toy comes with four darts and is a nice spin on the classic Nerf gun. Ages 9-12

Where to get it: Walmart, $25

Elenco Snap Circuits Arcade Kit
Mastermind Toys

If your child likes figuring out how things work, then this is a great STEM gift to give them. This game promotes learning by challenging the player to assemble different circuits on the board. It comes with 35 pieces, over 200 projects and 20 build-and-play games for endless fun. Ages 8+

Where to get it: Mastermind Toys, $79.99

Magformers Designer Set

This set is great for challenging your child’s creative mind. The kit comes with 62 pieces to create unique builds and magnetic shapes. Ages 6+

Where to get it: Amazon, $97.20

Geckobot Wall Climbing Robot

If you have a future scientist in your household, then they’ll find this Geckobot fascinating! Not only can your child build their own bot with this kit, but they can conduct experiments with it too. Specifically, this toy teaches kids about physics and air suction. Ages 8+

Where to get it: Amazon, $64.99

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

This Spirograph set will provide your child with hours of entertainment. The kit comes with a whopping 45 pieces, plus three pens and a 14-page guide book. All ages.

Where to get it: Amazon, $31

Blokus Game

This Tetris-style game is all about claiming your territory. The only rule is that each piece must touch another piece of the same colour at the corner. Players take turns, and the one who has the most blocks on the board in the end wins! Ages 9-12

Where to get it: Walmart, $13.88

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