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Best Travel Photos Of The Week: Canadians Head To The Beach

The Best Travel Photos Of The Week
Caroline Chu

It's been quite the month for travel news. Last week's headlines were dominated by snow storms and flight cancellations and now it looks like everyone's attention has shifted to the cruise industry due to some unfortunate events out the Gulf of Mexico.

So, what's a traveller supposed to do for a vacation? Well, for those weary of travel by air or sea, a trip to the beach may be your best bet. After all, travel and beaches go hand-in-hand nowadays like cruises and lawsuits.

And with February's frost still present, the thoughts of trading in winter boots for flip flops and snow for sand seems almost too good to pass up. Yes, if you haven't caught on, this week's travel photo round-up is all about beaches.

Whether it's kite surfing off the coast of the South China Sea in the town of Mui Ne, Vietnam at the recommendation of Canadians like Jodi Ettenberg; capturing the romance like Jessica Lee did along the shores of nearby the towns Geelong and Lorne in Australia, or simply to escape the cold, beaches have it all.

And let's not forget that where there are beaches, there are probably resorts. And where there are resorts, the words "snow" and "ice" are typically accompanied with the words "cone" and "cube". So take a look at the beaches Canadians have been visiting and forget about February's woes.

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Best Travel Photos Of The Week: 2013 Edition

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