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Best Wedding Toasts To Keep Everyone In Love

15 Great Wedding Toasts That Will Promote 'Awwwws,' Not 'Yikes'
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If you've been handed the responsibility of performing a wedding toast for your friend's big day this summer, good luck to you. And by good luck, we mean make sure you don't mess up.

Best man and maid of honour toasts are (in the movies, at least) the point during the wedding at which the embarrassing stories about the couple reveal themselves, leaving parents grimacing and guests gossiping. But then there's the flip side, the toast that makes everyone feel a little corny about love, and yes, particularly fond of the person who gave it.

As Toastmasters International advises, "a good wedding toast inspires laughter or tears, but a great toast evokes both." They also offer the practical advice of identifying yourself beforehand, keeping it shorter than three minutes, and using relevant quotes if you can't quite find the words to express your emotions.

With that in mind, we've selected a few options that we believe speak volumes when your own speechwriting skills fail you. And these, of course, are not confined to members of the wedding party — they're also perfectly acceptable to write on the inside of the card.

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