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Better Relationships: 10 Fears You Should Overcome

10 Fears That Kill Relationships
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They say love is all about having the right chemistry with someone, but if you or your partner constantly live in fear, it could cause your relationship to short circuit.

Fears, especially the ones that come up in relationships, can be developed during experiences in our childhood or adolescence, says relationship expert and author of "Love Me, Don't Leave Me," Michelle Skeen. "This creates an internal working model that we use to predict relationships in our adult life."

Skeen says these fears, which include everything from being judged to being alone, can keep people from building better relationships. If you find yourself falling into one of the categories below, Skeen says you should start by recognizing your fear. If you're already in a relationship, it's time to talk about it with your partner.

"Even though these profound fears are from the past, they feel very real in the present when we are in triggering situations," she says "Intimate relationships are the biggest trigger because we often feel most vulnerable."

While some fears may be impacting your current relationships, others could you holding back from getting into one. Skeen says if this is the case, you may want to reevaluate your expectations or give someone a chance, for example, before jumping to conclusions about the outcome.

Here are 10 common fears Skeen says people may have before or during relationships.

You Fear Rejection

10 Fears That Kill Relationships

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