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'Bigfoot' Spotted In Mission, Says Play Mobility (VIDEO)

WATCH: Is This Bigfoot?

Is "Bigfoot" wandering the wilds of Mission, B.C.? Let's face it, it's highly unlikely, but two videos posted online by a Vancouver and Kelowna-based app development company have people wondering.

Play Mobility, the developer behind the "Legend Tracker" app that drops legendary creatures such as Sasquatch and the Loch Ness monster into real settings, issued a call for real-life footage of those creatures two weeks ago, CEO and founder Miles Marziani told The Huffington Post B.C.

One of the submitted videos, posted to YouTube on July 18, shows a group of Chinese tourists apparently taking photos of a large, ape-like figure in a forest in Mission. One of the tourists can be heard saying "Sasquatch" before a faint grunt is heard in the distance. By Monday the video had drawn over 11,000 hits.

A second video, posted to YouTube on July 24, shows another ape-like creature rummaging in a forest, though the actual subject is too far away to see clearly. The video's description states that it was taken by two people who were hiking on a logging road in Mission. As of Monday it had over 57,000 hits.

"We received a significant number of videos and pictures, and we always do, but this time, they're quite nice," Marziani said.

"We're still trying to get some information on exactly whereabouts in Mission this is."

Marziani would not confirm whether the videos were faked.

This isn't the first time that supposed evidence has emerged to suggest Bigfoot is real. Five years ago, Texas veterinarian and genetics research Melba Ketchum said she had DNA samples from a creature she called Bigfoot.

An independent geneticist later determined that the DNA belonged to an opossum.

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