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Bindi Irwin's Nursery Blooms With Floral Designs, Bunny Art

The mom-to-be's due date is in a few months.

Bindi Irwin is expecting her first child this spring, and when the “Baby Wildlife Warrior” comes into the world, the sweetest of digs await.

The 22-year-old daughter of late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin shared an Instagram photo on Wednesday of her daughter’s future nursery. Blooming pink flowers, a big crescent moon, and pastel butterflies decorate the wall beside a floral patterned change table. The real stars? Two lovable rabbits wearing flower crowns.

In her post, the proud mom-to-be cradles her belly with a wide smile; befitting of her message of gratitude towards loved ones around the world, including her husband Chandler Powell’s family and the Australian Zoo, where Irwin lives and works.

Baby Wildlife Warrior is already so loved and we are eternally grateful,” Irwin wrote as in the photo’s caption. “With all my heart, thank you.”

Irwin’s delivery date is set for late March or early April, making the celebrations of new life in the room the perfect imagery for the youngest wildlife lover to come home to.

Until then, Irwin is still hard at work caring for real-life animals at the Australia Zoo.

What little we do see of Irwin’s nursery aesthetic looks extremely comforting, as it appears to be designed with soft watercolours and warm golden lighting in mind. As the Spruce notes, these colour choices can have a calming effect on babies and adults alike. Helpful for those teething months!

How to bring the bloom into your baby’s room

For parents inspired by Irwin’s springtime vibes, it’s easy to bring the bloom without breaking the bank.

The bunnies crowned with flowers can be painted by hand using watercolour techniques.

If And if you don’t want to paint the cuddly creatures yourself, commissioning an artist or crafty friend to make prints to hang along walls is a good alternative.

Canadian families can find simple white change tables like Irwin’s, with storage from big-box stores such as Ikea, Canadian Tire, and Bed, Bath And Beyond.

Plenty of change pads covered in plant patterns or your favourite animals are available on Canadian retailers like West Coast Kids and Snugglebugz.

If you’re keen on raising the next Jane Gooddall, the legendary conservationist’s organization partnered with Crate And Kids last year for a wildlife-inspired collection that turn kid spaces into lush jungles, playful safaris, and soothing oceans.

For extra points we’re sure the Irwins would approve of, shopping local for wildlife-themed baby accessories is a surefire way to get a kid’s love for nature to start early.

And if thematic decorating on top of bringing new life into the world feels all too overwhelming, a touch of spring is just a thoughtful bouquet away. Treat yourself!

The Farmer’s Almanac states that good symbolic flowers for new moms include tulips and peonies. Alternatively, picking up what’s in season for spring can ensure your family’s newest addition will be welcomed by only the freshest of blossoms.

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