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Black Bear Eats Pizza During Raid On Tony's Pizza In Whistler, B.C. (VIDEO)

WATCH: Black Bear Raids Pizza Shop

It's hard to say what's more suprising about this video: the fact a bear is raiding a local pizza shop in the Canadian ski community of Whistler, or the fact bystanders find it so amusing and aren't fleeing for their lives.

The YouTube clip, posted Sept. 26, shows a black bear foraging for 'za in the display warmer at Tony's Pizza in Whistler, B.C., a luxury ski resort town and the Canadian equivalent of Aspen, Colo. Bystanders can be heard yucking it up as the ursine intruder devours a slice of the pie until what is presumably an employee asks the voyeurs to leave.

(Note the 'Help Wanted' sign in the shop's window — you're telling us!)

Though clearly amuzing, the pizza raid comes on the heels of the worst berry crop in Whistler since 1994, with experts predicting increased bear activity in the ski village, the Whistler Question reports:

Whistler's bears fatten up mostly on huckleberries, blueberries and mountain ash berries, which can usually be found all over the local mountains. But this year many berries didn’t ripen because of heavy snowfall in the winter followed by a cold spring and summer.


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