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Black-Owned Restaurants In Canada, City By City

Looking for ways to support the Black community? Looking for something to eat? Here's a way to do both.

If you, like so many Canadians, have been wondering about a concrete thing you can do to help support the Black community right now, a simple solution is: start with dinner.

Supporting Black-owned businesses — many of which were already affected by the COVID-19 pandemic — puts money directly back into the community. And the fact you’ll enjoy amazing food too doesn’t hurt.

There are some big lists of places to go or order from, and some smaller ones you might not yet have seen. Grassroots organizations have created extensive Google documents, posted picks on social media and come up with other innovative ideas to highlight favourite spots in their communities. Take a look at the round-up below, and let us know if there are any we missed.


First, the big ones. There are some sites that have been promoting Black businesses for a long time, gathering resources on everything from health services to entertainment venues. focuses on Black-owned companies, as well as entrepreneurs, and has listings for businesses for 32 cities across Canada — everywhere from Saskatoon to Whitby.

Online magazine also has an extensive directory for restaurants, yes, but also options like lawyers, wedding planners and much more.

SugarKane restaurant in Toronto won’s 2019 People’s Choice award for best restaurant. This oxtail looks delicious! They also get credit for the lead photo in this piece. also lists dozens of restaurants across the country, from Fredericton to Victoria.

Uber Eats, meanwhile, announced a feature this week that highlights Black-owned restaurants in Canada and the U.S., with delivery fees waived for those spots until the end of the year.

Vancouver and Lower Mainland, B.C.

A straightforward site listing Black-owned restaurants in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and White Rock, as well as whether they offer options like vegetarian, vegan and halal meals.


The website for Making History Gala, an event for black entrepreneurs on Vancouver Island, has a list of Black-owned businesses in the area, including several restaurants.


An extensive and continually updated list, this Google doc highlights the Black-owned businesses to frequent that are currently open during the pandemic.

Black Owned Toronto, an Instagram account, has great resources for restaurants, but also everything from home renos to streetwear.


A Google spreadsheet is filled with the names of Black-owned restaurants and cafes, including addresses, hours and contact info.


This Instagram post from Haligonian Melissa B lists a number of spots to visit in Halifax. It’s in a convenient Google Drive folder as well.


A Google spreadsheet filled with names of Black-owned restaurants, including their takeout and delivery options. It also has tabs for beauty, clothing and resources.

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont.

This Instagram post from marketing manager Cynthia Dam includes both Black and Indigenous-owned businesses, with a whole lot of great food suggestions.

Durham Region, Ont.

The area’s tourism board put together a Facebook post highlighting restaurants in the region.

Brampton, Ont.

A Reddit thread dedicated to Brampton-specific restaurants owned by members of the Black community.

London, Ont.

A Google doc with an extensive list of Black-owned businesses in the city. The owner is seeking mental health resources to add, if anyone can help.

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