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Blue Jays Fans' 'Blank Space' Parody Knocks It Out Of The Park


Yet another piece of music mastery has emerged from the Six.

A group of (presumably diehard) Toronto Blue Jays fans have put together a parody of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space," aptly named "First Place — Blue Jays Pennant Race," to honour the team's blowout season.

The club is currently sitting at the top of the American League East Division, and it's the closest the team's come to reaching the playoffs in a while.

The last time was in 1993, when they beat Philadelphia to win the World Series.

So this year's run is a pretty big deal, and the video — which features painfully catchy lyrics written by Adam Jesin — pretty well reflects fans' hopes for a long-awaited championship. (Watch above.)

All together now...


The only thing better would be a cover like this:

YouTube has plenty of blank space, Jays. Get on it.

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