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'Born And Raised''s New Podcast Is Serving Up Some Tasty Food Stories

If you grew up on your immigrant family's home cooking, you'll want to tune in.

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Canadian children of immigrants have a lot on their plates.

Our feelings about the cherished foods we've grown up eating can be complicated, in ways that our first-generation parents don't always understand.

So who better to serve up these big food feelings than us? HuffPost Canada's new podcast mini-series, "Born And Raised: Food," explores the many ways cuisine anchors the children of immigrants to their families and identities.

Hankering for a taste? You're in luck, we've got an early bird special: check out the video above, or listen to the two newly released episodes below.

Hosted by Angelyn Francis and reporter Al Donato, each episode of "Born and Raised: Food" digs into immigrant food stories that share a common theme. You'll hear about serious beef over biryani, stinky tofu woes, a Chinese family restaurant feud, partying with injera, and much more.

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Based on the popular HuffPost Canada series that explores many facets of second-generation Canadian identity, all five episodes of "Born And Raised: Food" are coming your way soon. You can subscribe to "Born And Raised: Food" on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and on many major podcast streaming services.

▶️ Episode 1: That One Dish

▶️ Episode 2: The Family Restaurant

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