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Boston Flies Teeny, Tiny Habs Flag Outside City Hall (TWEETS)

Boston Flies Teeny, Tiny Habs Flag

Really, Boston? You lose a playoff series to the Montreal Canadiens, then fly what may be the world's smallest Habs flag outside city hall?

The flag settled a bet between Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre over who would win the second-round playoff series between the Bruins and the Canadiens, CBC News reported.

Since the Habs won, the flag must be flown in Boston for a week.

While we're less than impressed with the size of the flag, Coderre seemed happy that Walsh came through on his end of the bet.

The National Post's Quebec correspondent Graeme Hamilton remarked that the flag helped spawn a new saying:

It will hopefully serve as inspiration for the Habs as they battle the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference final.

Montreal sits 2-0 in the series after losing goaltender Carey Price to an injury following an incident in Game 1.

The Habs play Game 3 tonight, with 2009 World Junior Hockey Championship gold medal winner Dustin Tokarski in net, TSN reported.

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