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Bow Down To Shirley Clements, 60-Year-Old Teacher And Hip-Hop Queen


Canadian teacher Shirley Clements is retiring this year, and girl knows how to go out with a bang.

Clements, 60, created an annual dance competition called Outbreak in Surrey, B.C. so it was only fitting that she surprised the crowd there with an epic performance.

Lucky for us, it was all caught on video.

Clad in a red warm-up jacket with sequins and Adidas track pants, Clements gets the crowd pumped with a bit of rapping. Then she and her students break out the moves to "Uptown Funk."

Clements shows off some classic MJ moves, throws in some Gangnam style, and even tosses out a high kick.

Then homegirl spins on her head.

Did you catch that? She spins on her head.

The performance happened in January, but is gaining international attention now after being posted on the EllenTube video page this month.

Some of Clements' former students aren't surprised by her brilliance though.

Now a teacher herself, Nicole Jarvis remembers school trips with Clements to Edmonton, Jasper, and Disneyland. She shared the video on Facebook and wrote: "Way to go, Ms. Clements! Thanks for being awesome."

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