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5-Year-Old Boy Dances Away Pre-Surgery Jitters With Grandpa In Grocery Store

The video of Kyu San Juan and his grandpa shaking their booties in the frozen food aisle of a grocery store in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has gone viral.

A 5-year-old Wisconsin boy had just one request before he went into the hospital for surgery: He wanted to go dancing.

But not just anywhere. No, Kyu San Juan wanted to boogie down a Green Bay grocery store’s frozen food aisle with his grandpa.

Kyu was born with a condition called cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which causes an abnormal connection between the arteries and veins in the brain, according to Yahoo!

He was diagnosed with AVM after a rupture in 2017 that caused a seizure and left him incapacitated.

The boy had a craniotomy AVM resection performed in 2018, but it grew back requiring additional surgery, according to his Facebook fundraising page

“Grandpa, Use your imagination. You can dance anywhere!”

- Kyu San Juan, 5

Surgery was scheduled for June 5, but Kyu had one request first, according to his mother, Rasami Moua.

“We all were getting ready to go to bed,” she told Inside Edition. “And then Kyu said he wanted to go dancing.”

It was around midnight but Kyu, his mother and his grandfather, Txhiaj Sawm Muas, decided to boogie down to Festival Foods, which is, to be fair, a grocery store and not a dance club.

At least that’s what Kyu’s grandfather thought, according to Moua’s Facebook post:

“Grandpa: Do you guys need to buy something?

Kyu: No grandpa, we dance here in the groceries store.

Grandpa: Here? People are going to think we’re crazy!

Kyu: People? What people?

Grandpa: I thought we were going to a party or a club.

*ME laughing hysterically*

Kyu: Grandpa, Use your imagination. You can dance anywhere! 🤣”

And dance they did.

Although there’s no way to know if Kyu’s pre-surgery dance party had any medicinal benefits, his mother said in another Facebook post that surgery went “better than what the doctors had anticipated.”

People who want to help reduce the family’s medical bills can donate here.

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