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6 Non-Cheesy Bridal Shower Games And Activities

Most women can admit to loving bridal showers -- ladylike afternoons spent feting the bride-to-be with love, champagne and bath linens. But mention shower games and even the most refined guest can't suppress a discreet eye-roll.

It doesn't have to be that way, though. Here are 6 unique ideas that will be meaningful for the bride and won't evoke groans of discontent from guests.

1. Words Of Wisdom:

6 Non-Cheesy Bridal Shower Games And Activities

1. Words Of Wisdom: There are endless ways to execute this, but the principle remains the same. Guests write words of wisdom about marriage on a piece of paper or in a designated book. The bride and groom will have fun reading the insightful relationship advice (and occasional raunchy sex tip!) after the shower. They can keep the collection and reference it throughout their marriage.

2. Memory Lane: Ask each guest to write down their favorite memory of the bride. When everyone is finished, ask them to pass their reflections to the maid of honor. She'll read each memory aloud and guests have to guess who wrote which memory. It's important to "know your audience" for this game, though. It's bad form to embarrass the bride in front of Granny or her future mother-in-law.

3. The Newlywed Game: Before the shower, ask the groom a series of questions about the bride and their relationship -- Where did they have their first kiss? Who does more household chores? Bring his answers to the shower with you. Ask the bride the same questions that you asked the groom in front of the guests. After she answers a question, read the groom's answer aloud and see how they compare. Enjoy the ensuing hilarity!

4. Couples Quiz: This activity puts guests in the hot-seat, as their knowledge of the couple is put to the test. Create a short quiz and give it to the bride and groom to complete together before the shower. Include questions about their relationship -- How long have they been together? What is their favorite thing to do as a couple? Make copies of the quiz and pass them around to shower guests to complete. Read the couple's answers aloud and give a small prize to the guest with the most correct answers.

5. Cupcake Decorating: Organize a cupcake decorating station at the shower, complete with a variety of un-frosted cupcakes, white icing, food coloring, sprinkles and sugar pearls. Some professional bakers, such as Julia Giddens of Batterfingers in Toronto, will come to your venue and teach guests the inside scoop of cupcake decorating (it's much harder than it looks!) and will often provide supplies. In the invitation, tell guests they are welcome to bring an apron -- things could get messy!

6. Recipe Collection: Before the shower, ask each guest to submit their favorite recipe, along with a photo. Once you've collected all of the recipes and images, compile them in a book and present it to the bride at the shower. She will be more than touched by the surprise and will love having everyone's favorite recipe in one custom, personalized cookbook. You can assign a theme to the recipes, if you wish. For example, only sweet treats if the bride loves to bake.

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