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Bungee Jumper's Cord Snaps In Freak Accident; Australian Erin Langworthy Survives Plunge

TERRIFYING VIDEO: Bungee Jumper's Cord Snaps In Freak Accident

"I think it's definitely a miracle that I survived," a bungee jumper said after her cord snapped during a 111-metre nosedive into an African river.

Erin Langworthy, a 22-year-old Australian, bungee jumped head-first from the Victoria Falls Bridge into the Zambezi River on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia on New Year's Eve, Australia's Channel 9 reports. Fellow tourists cheered Langworthy on when she jumped, but when the cord snapped in two, plunging Langworthy into the river, one exclaimed, "She's in the fucking water!"

Langworthy recalls the harrowing experience: "It went black straight away and I felt like I’d been slapped all over."

After she hurtled into the crocodile-infested water, her bungee cord, still attached to her feet, had gotten caught on debris.

"I actually had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out of whatever it was caught into," she said.

Langworthy swam to Zimbabwe's side of the Zambezi, where she met rescuers. She spent a week in a South African hospital with a broken collar bone and bruising, but luckily escaped without any life-threatening injuries, the Telegraph reported.

The tourism company that organized the jump, Safari Par Excellence, calls the jump "111 metres of pure adrenalin."

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