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Burns Night Supper: 9 Recipes To Celebrate Robbie Burns Day

Get ready to enjoy some haggis and tatties.

January 25 marks Robbie Burns Day, so if you're ready to celebrate with a day of haggis and tatties (don't worry, we'll explain later), then the right recipe will surely make your night.

With a combination of meat, whiskey and more meat, a Burns Supper (often held on the same day) celebrates the life of poet Robert Burns. Traditionally, people in Scotland gather to eat, drink and even toast to a plate of haggis (a sheep's heart, lungs and liver), before cutting it.

To make things a little more tastier, we've gathered some traditional Robbie Burns Day recipes, including starters, mains and desserts. And of course, we even included a drink.

LOOK: What you can recreate for Burns supper:

Recipes For Robbie Burns Day

STARTER: Potato With Salmon

These potato slices topped with smoked salmon and homemade horseradish sauce from the BBC is the perfect appetizer to start off your night.

STARTER: Tatties And Neeps

Tatties and neeps, or the Scottish way of saying potatoes and turnips, is a classic side dish eaten with haggis. Get the recipe here.

STARTER: Cock-A-Leekie Soup

Often a traditional starter, this soup from The Spruce combines chicken, onions and leeks. Get the full recipe here.

MAIN: Haggis

Probably one of the most traditional recipes you can eat during this holiday, haggis, for those of you who don't know, is a mix of sheep's heart, lungs and liver. And yes, this isn't an easy recipe to try on your own. We say, grab a friend, some whiskey and try this Food Network recipe.

MAIN: Vegetarian Haggis

Okay, and if the thought of all those sheep organs didn't sit well with your stomach, we also have this vegetarian haggis recipe made with vegetables and nuts instead.

MAIN: Garlic Horseradish Sirloin Roast

This entree is made with horseradish sauce, garlic and sage. Another classic meal, serve this roast with potatoes on the side. Get the full recipe here.

DESSERT: Cranachan

This traditional Scottish dish is a delicious mix of toasted oats, fresh fruit and whiskey whipped cream. Get the full recipe from Jamie Oliver here.

DESSERT: Tipsy Laird

Tipsy laird is another traditional Scottish dessert made with sponge cake and raspberry jam. Try this recipe by Kitchen Connaisseur.

Burns Night Cocktails

The perfect way to end (or start) your night? Drink a cocktail. This Robbie Burns-inspired drink is mixed with Scotch whisky and sweet vermouth. Get the full recipe here.

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