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Vancouver Water Turns Blood Red

Vancouver is known for its stunning views of towering mountains and clear blue water, but this week things went a shade morbid. Water in parts of Burrard Inlet and English Bay turned as blood red as Lady Macbeth's darkest dreams.

Authorities say the change in water colour is the result of algae blooms, according to Global News. John Parker-Jervis, a spokesman for the Port Authority, told the Vancouver Sun that there have been no reports of an oil spill or any other unfortunate event that might have discoloured the water.

Known as "red tides", these blooms can sometimes be dangerous for wildlife due to the toxins produced by some species of algae.

Blooms can be caused by human activity, such as the dumping of fertilizer, but such events are more common in fresh water (see the scary photos from the Great Lakes below). Blooms can also be the result of nothing more than a combination of tide and temperature that is favourable to the algae.

The blooms in Vancouver are not expected to last more than a few days.

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