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Father Who Admits To Having A Favourite Child Faces Backlash

Buzz Bishop, a Canadian broadcaster and writer garnered negative criticism from parents and commenters alike when he stated in a blog post that he had a favourite child.

The post titled "Admit it, you have a favourite kid. I do," on Babble said if parents looked deep in the mirror they would admit they had a favourite too.

Bishop who says his older son is his favourite, wrote "My choosing Zacharie as my favorite is not about ‘playing favorites,’ or ‘preferential treatment’ when I’m parenting. I don’t let Zacharie get away with anything because he’s my first pick, I just .. yknow .. like him better."

Angry commenters told Bishop he was being insensitive to his children, pointing out that they may grow up to find the post and read it. One questioned why he needed to put it on the internet and said that even the favourite child would feel awful for his sibling when he read the post.

Bishop defended his post tweeting that:

TODAY Moms reported that Bishop was surprised people were criticizing him for picking a favourite child. "Dude, are you serious?" the article said, adding that it's fine to have a favourite child just don't admit it.

He expected readers to admit they have those feelings and start a sympathetic conversation, Bishop told the Daily Mail Online. "Instead, anonymous avatars admitted they share my perspective (to some degree) and then proceeded to vilify me for daring to say it publicly," he added.

Bishop faced criticism online, including while he tweeted about the story going viral being a rush, when user TamIWas wrote:

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