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Calgary, Alberta Flooding: How You Can Help Flood Relief, Volunteer (UPDATED)

How You Can Help

The The Alberta flooding has caused a situation where many are in need of help.

Here are some of the organizations that are volunteering assistance, seeking volunteers or need donations around Calgary and Southern Alberta (newest organizations looking for help will be added to the top of this list):

June 25 - An army of Calgary volunteers are amassing and waiting deployment. To join them, register at

June 25 - People In Nanton are collecting grad dresses for High River teens who may have lost their prom attire in the floods. Have a dress you can lend? More details here.

10:45- Canmore Legion. Putting together a foot patrol to go house to house to clean/bail/pump/shovel.. to lend help where we need and to help those in need but haven't come forward. Please come suited & booted! All clothes for weather- pack a backpack. Bag lunches will be provided along with Coffee/Tea/Juice/Water/Fruit. Pretty physical- we'll try to cap shifts to a few hours each. Will be sent out with maps and an area of focus for your team.

June 24- The City of Calgary is now looking for volunteers. Volunteers can register as an individuals or groups. To register, send an email with the following information to

- Name

- Phone number

- Availability – For example, if you’re available only between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on any day but Tuesday, include that information in your email. But please, keep it simple!

June 24- The City of Calgary is looking for people to help out in Bowness today. You can find out more information here.

June 23 -Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society wish list: Dog/Puppy Food, Cat/Kitten Food/Litter, Laundry Supplies (Bleach, Laundry Detergent, & Dryer Sheets), Puppy Pads/Newspaper, Waste Bags, Zip Ties

Drop off: Safe Haven Bay G, 3851 21st Street NE.

June 23 - Alpha House wish list: towels, basic toiletries (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors, deoderant), socks and underwear (mens & womens).

Drop Off: Village Square Leisure Centre 2623 56 St NE

June 23 -YWCA Calgary wish list: towels, hygiene supplies (toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, body wash, face wash, face cloths, feminine hygiene products, shampoo, conditioner) and underwear/socks for Women in Need.

Drop Off: Sunday June 23, 1-3 pm at Marda Loop Community Association 3130 – 16th Street SW

June 23 - Siksika Nation is in dire straights due to flooding. Wish list: Men’s and women’s shoes (all sizes) used are okay, Men’s/women’s socks/underwear – new, Diapers size 4-6, Bug repellent, Games/entertainment for children

Drop Off: #328 22 Midlake Blvd SE Calgary (Jeff Wilson constituency office) from 1-3 pm June 23 or at Lakeview Community Centre 6110-34th Street SW from 11am – 6pm June 23

June 23 -Calgary Humane Society is no longer in need of crates, but their wish list is: Science Diet Wet Cat + Kitten food, Kitten meal replacement, Small containers for kitten milk replacement (small Tupperware, cream cheese, etc), Flat sheets + blankets (nothing feather-filled please! The dogs will destroy pillows and duvets and it’s a pain to clean up).

June 23 -NeighbourLink's doors are open and accepting donations of water, blankets, food, formula etc. for those in need. They are coordinating with agencies across Calgary to get them out. Call Melissa at (403)998-4502 if you have any questions on how to help or if you need help.

June 23 - Morley has 500 people on its reserves who are in need of food, clothing and blankets etc. If you want to donate, take your donations to Morley community school or they can be picked up, if you call Jesse at at 403-404-6850.

The City of Calgary is asking people to help accommodate anyone who has been evacuated and needs shelter.

The Canadian Red Cross is accepting financial donations.

Donate to the Salvation Army Flood Relief Plan by visiting their website.

The Calgary Drop-In Centre is looking for donations of pre-made sandwiches, packaged snacks and blankets. They should be brought to 6031 Elbow Drive S.W. or call 403 253 7136.

The Calgary YWCA is asking for financial donations after their facility was hit hard by flood waters. You can donate here.

If you see an animal in distress, please call the Alberta SPCA at 1-800-455-9003.

If you or someone you know is in the evacuation areas around southern Alberta due to flooding and are in need of temporary housing for your pets, please contact AARCS at 403-250-7377 during business hours or 403-869-4694 after hours.

Starbucks coffee stores are accepting donations on behalf of the Red Cross.

Volunteers looking to help Calgary with clean up efforts can lean more on the Calgary Clean Up Facebook page.

Canmore, Banff and Bow Vallery residents can volunteer to clean up on the Bow Valley and Region - Community Clean Up Effort Facebook page.

High River is looking for support and clean up volunteers. Learn more on their Facebook page.

If you can volunteer in Nanton, call 403-422-0190.

The City of Calgary is asking people to help in the following ways:

- Limit water use as much as possible

- Stay clear of riverbanks and areas affected by the flood

- Keep the phone lines clear, unless it's an emergency

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