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Calgary Food Bank's Domino Effect Initiative Launch To Topple Hunger (VIDEO)

WATCH: Food Bank's Domino Effect Initiative, Boxes Crush Hunger

The Calgary Food Bank showcased its new initiative called the Domino Effect at Chinook Centre in Calgary on Monday. Using a $1,500 donation made by Chinook Centre, food was purchased as building blocks for a Domino Effect course and then donated, the Food Bank said in a release.

The domino course made with donated food boxes was then toppled over. The design of the structure had hunger written in the middle of it, as a visual metaphor for "crushing hunger."

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SEE: Calgary Food Bank Domino Effect

A Calgary production company, Joe Media, also hosted a Domino Effect morning in their offices, where employees donated hundreds of food items.

The Food Bank hopes the idea will help "topple hunger."

Participants are asked to collect items form the Food Bank's most needed list, create a domino course and topple them over, and then donate the items. The Food Bank also suggests sharing a video of the event on their Facebook page.

More information about the initiative can be found on the Food Bank's website.

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