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Nenshi Wants MORE Tobogganing Hills, Not Less

Instead of implementing a ban on tobogganing like other cities across North America, the City of Calgary is actually looking for more places to sled.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi told CBC News there are too few places to toboggan in Calgary's rapidly growing suburbs, and he intends to fix that.

"The 18 approved areas tend to be in built-up areas of the city, largely because we haven't looked at new neighbourhoods," he said.

Eighteen hills may not seem like many for a large city like Calgary, Nenshi told 660 News, but it's important to keep in mind that Calgary is located on flat, prairie land, he said.

And while there is a city bylaw that states those who slide outside the city's 18 approved hills could face a $100 fine, city officials say they don't recall ever handing out a ticket.

More cities across Canada and the U.S. have put restrictions on where and when sledding can occur, amid growing concerns about injuries and lawsuits.

In Hamilton, Ont., the city has banned sledding in municipal parks since 2001, and rule-breakers could be fined up to $5,000. In Toronto, a bylaw states sledders must avoid areas where signage prohibits tobogganing.

According to Metro News, the City of Calgary plans to launch an "outdoor winter play feature" on its website Thursday, which will include a map of places to toboggan.

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