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Call The Union: Vancouver Hockey Fans Create Robyn-Inspired Plea To End NHL Lockout (VIDEO)

Sigh. The NHL Lockout doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon. Last week, the NHL announced that it was cancelling the Winter Classic, one of the regular season's marquee events.

Fans across the country have been tearing out their hair, sitting listlessly waiting for their favourite team to return, recreating the season on their Xboxes, or in the case of one Vancouver pair, writing up songs and choreographing dance moves.

You And The Moon, Vancouver videographer Mark Yuen and writer Harrison Mooney, have created "Call The Union", an impressive and impassioned plea to both sides in the lockout to talk it over and make up.

Mooney, who sings and dances (and how he dances) in the video in his Canucks jersey, takes more than a page from Robyn's awesome dance anthem "Call Your Girlfriend." You can even compare their dance moves below.

Hey, Gary Bettman? Are you listening?

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