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Liver, Garlic, Bone Marrow On The Menu For Cameron Diaz’s Daughter Raddix

She's raising the opposite of a picky eater.
Actress Cameron Diaz dished on her daughter Raddix's unique diet on Nov. 23.
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Actress Cameron Diaz dished on her daughter Raddix's unique diet on Nov. 23.

You won’t find any canned baby food in Cameron Diaz’s pantry.

On a Monday episode of “The Rachel Ray Show,” the 48-year-old new mom revealed that her 11-month-old daughter Raddix is the farthest thing from a picky eater: Garlic and liver are foods she happily noms, thanks to her mom’s home cooking.

The actor told Ray her first child has eaten garlic from “day one,” and that “she eats bone marrow and she eats liver.”

What’s more, Raddix won’t turn her nose up at greens: “I put herbs in everything — thyme and dill, sage, everything. She just loves all of it.”

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Diaz’ efforts to develop her child’s tastes with diverse ingredients impressed her host. “I love that you’re making her food, so you can really strengthen her palate,” Ray remarked.

Making healthy and delicious meals has always interested Diaz, who has written wellness cookbooks and loosely follows a Mediterranean diet.

The COVID-19 pandemic has kicked her hobby into overdrive, as she dished in April that she’s been cooking every day as a form of stress relief and to encourage a love of food in her family.

[Cooking] is not stressful for me, because I’m just going through the motions of it and thinking about like, ‘What’s the best? What’s going to taste the best? What should I add now? What’s the next layer of flavour?’” she said in an Instagram Live, US Today reports.

Raddix, who Diaz and husband Benji Madden have kept from the public eye since her birth last December, has been “in heaven” during lockdown; apart from enjoying sophisticated eats, she has been listening to her favourite tunes on repeat.

“We have ‘Baby Shark’ on rotation. We have ‘Elmo’s Song.’ We have Sesame Street. It’s crazy. We’re jamming out over here, and she loves it!” Diaz told Jimmy Fallon in July.

If you’re questioning whether Diaz’s baby’s diet is age-appropriate, it’s all good: Global News states that mild herbs are safe at six months.

Mommy blogger Solid Starts also recommends feeding babies garlic, bone marrow and liver at that age, singling out liver in particular as “one of the most nutritious foods you can give to your baby.” But no need to go ham on pâté: The blog cautions parents should limit servings of liver to once a week. Liver is loaded with vitamin A, which can be harmful if ingested in large amounts.

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