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Kid-Friendly Camping Recipes That Kick Campfire Cooking Up A Notch

We've come a long way from cans of baked beans.

Camping with kids can be one of the most rewarding summer experiences for a family.

Swimming, stargazing, s'mores making — all while surrounded by nature and away from the stresses of city life. What's not to love?

But just because you're restricted to a campfire for all your meals doesn't mean you have to live off hot dogs and cans of baked beans (although your kids would probably love that, to be honest). With a little planning, you can serve some filling and creative meals.

We rounded up some of the yummiest kid-friendly camping recipes that kick campfire cooking up a notch.

1. Camping breakfast sandwich

Get the recipe: The Adventure Bite

2. Camping mac and cheese

Get the recipe:Lauren's Latest

3. One-pot beef stroganoff

Get the recipe:Fresh off the Grid

4. Chopped Mexican bean and corn salad

5. Foil-wrapped baked sweet potatoes and vegetarian chili

Get the recipe:Fresh off the Grid

6. Campfire cinnamon roll-ups

Get the recipe: Almost Supermom

7. Make-ahead yogurt parfaits

Get the recipe:Savory Pantry Blog

8. Salad to go

Get the recipe:The Chic Site

9. Hot ham and swiss croissants

10. Campfire stew

Get the recipe:Recipes from a Pantry

11. Blackberry campfire cobbler

Get the recipe:Midlife Healthy Living

12. Bacon ranch grilled potatoes

Get the recipe:Gather for Bread

13. Grilled pineapple chicken foil packets

Get the recipe:Creme de la Crumb

14. Campfire french toast

Get the recipe:This Lil Piglet

15. Cast iron skillet pizza

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