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How Many People In Canada Experience Bladder Leakage?

More Canadians experience bladder leakage than you might have thought. From the AOL Partner Studio
Desperate man wetting himself
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Desperate man wetting himself

The issue of bladder leakage shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed about. It’s a condition defined as any involuntary leakage of urine that many people in Canada encounter. But how big of a concern is bladder leakage in our country? How many Canadians experience the condition and which age groups are most likely to be affected by it? In partnership with Depend, we break down bladder leakage in Canada, by the numbers.

1) Health Canada estimates that more than one in five mature adults in Canada will experience some type of bladder control problem, resulting in an involuntary release of urine.

2) According to the Canadian Incontinence Foundation, bladder leakage affects about 10 per cent of the population in Canada, or about 3.5 million Canadians in total.

3) The Canadian Incontinence Foundation notes that one in four women and one in 10 men live with distressing urinary symptoms

4) Bladder leakage caused by stress occurs in approximately 35 per cent of mature adults who experience bladder leakage, according to Health Canada.

5) The Canadian Urinary Bladder Survey found that 26 per cent of Canadians with any bladder problem have visited a doctor or healthcare professional about it. The report also found that eight per cent of all respondents acknowledged having a bladder problem, 52 per cent responded “yes” to having one or more bladder symptoms, the incidence of bladder leakage grows as one gets older, especially after 65 years of age.

6) Between 10 to 30 per cent of women have some form of bladder leakage after menopause, often during exercise activities or after laughing or sneezing.

7) A 2013 Statistics Canada report revealed that mature adults who cited having bladder leakage issues were 50 per cent more likely to experience loneliness.

8) About 88 per cent of Canadian women under the age of 55 reported that having access to an adult bladder leakage product would enable them to be more socially active.

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