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Canada Child Benefit Increases $300 Per Child For May

Justin Trudeau told parents the one-time boost is for “whatever you need.”
File photo of hundred-dollar bills.
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File photo of hundred-dollar bills.

Parents who receive the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) will notice an extra $300 per child on their regular May payment.

The government said it’s a one-time increase to help parents alleviate any additional financial costs brought on by the impacts of COVID-19.

“This is money for whatever you need, whether it’s online tutoring or groceries,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a news conference Sunday outside his Ottawa home.

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Trudeau turned his attention to any children watching the broadcast and said he understands how hard the pandemic and its associated distancing requirements is for them.

“This isn’t going to last forever,” he said before encouraging kids to continue making post-COVID-19 plans with their friends — and to keep up on their homework and chores.

“Thanks for all your help around the house, with your parents and on sticking together through this difficult time,” Trudeau said.

Who is eligible?

The automatic $300 increase applies per child. Families with two children will receive an extra $600, and $900 for three kids.

Eligibility is based on eligible child or children under someone’s care in May; and if they’ve filed their 2018 tax returns.

More than $21.5 billion has been distributed through the CCB since July 2019, according to government data.

Three million families across the country are expected to receive the top-up to their tax-free CCB benefits for May.

The one-time increase is one of many benefits the government is using to get money to Canadians affected by widespread physical distancing measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Parliament has passed legislation to approve $164 billion in funding for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, and the Canada Emergency Student Benefit.

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