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Canada Goose Attacks Indiana Police Officer On His Way To Station

No mercy.

Some people don’t like the police, and apparently neither do some geese.

An Indiana cop was on his way to the station when he was attacked by an angry Canada goose trying to protect its nest.

Sgt. Det. Ray Hall told Inside Edition that a father goose flew up and smacked him in the head.

"I was like, ‘Holy cow, what was that?'" he told the site.

In footage released by the Clarksville Police Department (watch above), Hall tries to run away from the bird — but as he smacks it with his bag, he ends up falling into the mulch beside the path.

"When I fell into the mulch, I was eye level with the female goose on her nest, and she was hissing at me as well and I was within an arm's reach of her, so I hurried up and got out and I ran out of the bush, and he attacked me again from behind," he said.

The birds and their nest were soon moved, reported Inside Edition.

One of Hall's colleagues thought it was actually pretty funny, and posted video of the aerial assault to YouTube.

Lt. Shane Bassett added some commentary too:

"Final Score:

Geese 1

Detective 0"

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