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Sugar Daddies In Canada: Who -- And Where -- Are They?


Gold diggers, prepare to travel.

A website that specializes in hooking up rich men with materialistic women has put out a list of the best cities in Canada to find that special (or not-so-special) someone to spoil you and shower you with riches.

Though many criticize for providing what they see as a high-class prostitution service, the company argues sugar daddy dating “is a fast growing trend and lifestyle in Canada.”

Four in ten of the Canadian sugar daddies on the website are married, according to a survey of its customers that the site recently carried out. They have an average income of just under $250,000 a year, and an average net worth of $5.3 million. They typically throw down about $4,000 a month on their sugar babies.

The company says the men who become sugar daddies are growing younger. In 2007, shortly after the site launched, the average age for a sugar daddy in Canada was 44; it’s now down to 40.

Sadly for the gold diggers, this means sugar daddies' average income is dropping as well -- from $291,000 in 2007 to $247,000 today.

About one-fifth of them are high-level executives; about an eighth are business owners. Bankers represent 12 per cent of the sugar daddies active on the site, lawyers 7 per cent, and doctors 6 per cent.

Though the company bills itself as a dating site that builds “mutually beneficial relationships,” there is plenty of evidence to suggest that many sugar babies see it as a job. University students, for instance, use the site to pay for tuition.

But you don’t have to be a woman to be a sugar baby; or a man to be a sugar daddy. The website says one in 25 of its relationships are same-sex.

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