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New Brunswick Couple Pulls Off COVID-Safe Wedding At Canada-U.S. Border

Who said a pandemic wedding can't be dreamy?

For Lindsay Clowes and her husband Alex Leckie, getting married in a pandemic was not exactly on their bucket list.

The couple of six years tied the knot at the St. Stephen Wharf in New Brunswick surrounded by 63 other loved ones — socially distanced and separated by the Canada-U.S. border on Oct. 10.

They initially postponed the wedding to 2021, but after their original wedding date passed, the two decided they couldn’t wait any longer to tie the knot. With Clowes’ family in Maine, she decided to get creative while still pulling off a COVID-safe celebration.

I joked around about having a Plan B for getting married in the middle of the river on a boat,” Clowes told HuffPost Canada. “Then watching our wedding date go by, Alex and I sat down and asked ‘what do we both want?’ ‘What works for us?’ and we came up with a plan with our family for the wharf in St. Stephens.”

Even the bride’s grandparents made an appearance by boat. For more scenes from their creative ceremony, check out the video above.

Cheers to the newlyweds!

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