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Canadian Thanksgiving: Things We Wish Americans Knew (PHOTOS)

Football is not a thing.

Brace yourself, America, because the following two facts may cause a rift between our two great countries and even the space-time continuum itself: Canada has its very own Thanksgiving and it even falls on a different day than yours.

Sorry for the shock. Now we can —if that's alright with you, of course — break down the differences between our two holidays.

For starters, Canadian Thanksgiving is the second Monday of October, the same date as your Columbus Day. Your Thanksgiving, as you surely know, is on the fourth Thursday of November. That's dangerously close to Christmas, which we also have.

Even though turkey is the most common meal on Canadian Thanskgiving, it isn't mandatory grub. Plenty of families have ham, dim sum, chicken or, you know, whatever they feel like.

We're not saying our Thanksgiving is better. We just want you to know about it as much as we know about yours, which is a lot.

Check out the slideshow below for more differences between Canadian and American Thanksgivings:

Thanksgiving Differences Canada-U.S.

What Americans Should Know About Canadian Thanksgiving

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