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Canada Voter Turnout In This Election Was The Highest In 2 Decades

Way to go!

Monday's federal election saw the biggest voter turnout in the country in over 20 years, according to preliminary results from Elections Canada.

The government organization said 17.5 million of 25.6 million registered voters cast a ballot — a turnout of 68.3 per cent.

The early count doesn't include Canadians who registered to vote on Monday, but the crowds are still the biggest since 1993, when 69.6 per cent of eligible electors cast ballots.

The massive turnout caused problems at some polling stations, with several running out of ballots early in the day. The Siksika First Nation in Alberta only had 400 ballots for a community of 7,200 people, reported APTN.

The election day turnout followed a record-breaking number of advance voters over the Thanksgiving weekend.

About 3.6 million people cast their ballots in four days, up 16 per cent from the same period in the 2011 election, which featured three days of advance voting.

The Liberals will form a majority government with Monday's results, with Justin Trudeau poised to be Canada's next prime minister.

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