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Canadagram: Meet AndrewPavlidis


Sick of winter yet? This week we meet @andrewpavlidis, a very lucky Canadian photographer who spends a good chunk of his winter down under. Here he is in his own words:

Hey guys! My names Andrew Pavlidis and I am an adventure photographer based out of Calgary Alberta. I spend most of my time outside hiking and camping, migrating south for the winters to Australia and New Zealand to follow the sun. — @andrewpavlidis

For me, taking photos of my own adventures is what I love shooting the most. Those rare moments in perfect light spent with good people are the ones worth remembering. — @andrewpavlidis

Get out early and stay out late! For many years I would set off on a hike mid morning and return in the afternoon with a lot of just okay photos. If you want to get the best out of what your shooting you have to be waking up before the sun comes up or staying on top of a mountain until the last bit of light. Always carry a headlamp so you are able to stay out that extra hour! — @andrewpavlidis

I've always been interested in taking photos but it really picked up in high school after getting to use the dark rooms and the physical process of developing and enlarging film. Photography became a way for me to tell my stories from the mountains and not much has changed about that over the years. — @andrewpavlidis

Here’s a photo from when I lived out of my tent in New Zealand last year. I have always loved this photo because it really sums up the three months I spent traveling around this beautiful country. — @andrewpavlidis

There’s so many people doing amazing things right now but @markclinton is definitely worth a follow if your not already onto it. Im always blown away by his work as its hard to find someone that has such a unique style. — @andrewpavlidis

I’ve just finished up a six week trip from New Zealand and I will be putting these photos out on instagram over the next few weeks. Im also getting ready to road trip around Canada and the States for the next year so follow @andrewpavlidis and @beckil_ for updates! — @andrewpavlidis

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