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Canadagram: Meet LifeWithArt

This week we meet an Ontario artist who does truly creative things with an iPhone. Meet @lifewithart.

Hi! Erin here and I’m excited to share a bit about myself this week on @CanadaGram I’m a wife and mother of two residing in Southern Ontario. When I joined Instagram five years ago my handle came from the idea that I love to appreciate, teach and create art. I studied Fine Art at York U and have been teaching high school art for 15 years. I make art in many different mediums most currently iPhone photo edits and hand-made collages. — @Lifewithart

Mostly I like to photograph nature and my children but “real” photography has never been my focus. I only pull out my DSLR for important family events. I enjoy using my iPhone to photograph things in my everyday life and then find ways to edit them and make them more interesting using the many apps on my phone. This composite photo edit was made using three separate photos I took. — @Lifewithart

My tip to Instagrammers is to photograph things you love and find new ways to have fun with your photographs. Let your feed be a place to explore your own creativity. This is part of a small series I did using art postcards I collect. #lifewithinart — @Lifewithart

I first got into taking photos as source for my paintings and drawings. I’ve always been interested in the camera as a creative tool to use with other mediums. My first iPhone opened up a new way of making art and then I stumbled onto Instagram and was completely blown away by the different types of photos and digital edits I was seeing there. The more artists and apps I was exposed to the more extreme my photo edits became sometimes resulting in a very collage-like look. #canadiana_collage —@Lifewithart

I love this photo taken at our cottage for an Instagram weekend hashtag project last year. It’s fun to get involved in the WHP as it pushes you to be creative and try new things. Making this Loon balloon shot with my kids was so much fun…including the canoe ride after to retrieve it. — @Lifewithart

There are so many Instagrammers that inspire me the list would be far too long…hence my constantly shifting style. I do love to collaborate with other Instagrammers which is a good way to get inspired and also to get to know them a bit better. This was one of my favorite collaborations with long time IG friend from Spain @Impalero Here he took a few of my photos from along the shores of Lake Ontario and combined them to make this stunning surreal image. — @Lifewithart

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