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Canada's Most Vulgar Cities: Ontario Tops List (INFOGRAPHIC)

Canada's Most Vulgar City (INFOGRAPHIC)

What the #%$!?

How many times did you swear today? Scratch that, how many times did you drop the f-bomb in a tweet about your slow commute or the weather? Tbk Creative, a digital marketing and social media company based in London, Ont., aggregated over one million tweets between October and November 2011, to find out which Canadian city has the worst pottymouth online.

"The tweets that included the vulgar term must have been combined with the city's name," wrote senior partner Andrew Schiestel, on the company's site. "This means, not every tweet came from the city or its citizens, but instead were simply tweets that mentioned the city name and the vulgar word. Draw your own conclusions."

The verdict? Apparently the city of Brampton, Ont. can't control its vulgar verbal diarrhea, coming in at 1.41 per cent of all tweets.

The company only used English tweets, and for cities like London and Quebec City, it did get a little tricky.

"In a random sampling we took of 100 tweets by Canadian users that contained the term Quebec, 21 per cent of those tweets referenced Quebec City specifically. Hence, 21 per cent was used to gather the data," Schiestel says in his post.

Check out the infographic below of Canada's most vulgar cities:

ALSO: We found our own vulgar tweets from the top 10 offenders. Naturally, coarse language is involved:

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