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14 Canadian Dads On Instagram Who Keep Parenting Very Real

If you like laughing and crying about parenthood, follow these dads immediately.
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When most people think about high-profile parenting influencers on social media — those posting funny and relatable content about their kids and their lives, gaining loyal followers and helping to create an online community of all those united in raising small humans — they probably envision, well, moms.

Scary Mommy. Cat and Nat. And let us all hail Chrissy Teigen, please. But when it comes to content for dads looking for that same online support and camaraderie, the pickings can be be slim.

"It's kind of hit and miss for dads.," Calgary Dad and radio host Buzz Bishop told HuffPost Canada in a phone interview.

Bishop, who has two children (Zacharie, 11, and Charlie, 8) is the dad behind the popular parenting blog "DadCAMP" and the Instagram account He started the blog as a way to connect to other dads at a time when he was a stay-at-home parent.

In a world of "Instagram husbands," which the New York Post defines as "the largely unrecognized faces behind popular Instagram accounts" (with the assumption that husbands and dads are mostly behind the camera) Bishop is part of a growing group of Canadian dads putting their voices, faces and photos at the forefront.

To showcase what's out there, Bishop recently shared his top picks of Canadian dads to follow on Instagram on his blog — and with us! Some accounts might be a little more raw than what one might find on popular parenting Instagram feeds, Bishop noted, but he thinks they're authentic views of what being a dad is all about.

"A lot of the parenting filter is very glamorous, and the guys still put out good art, but I think there's just a different sense of humour," Bishop said.

"Guys can be passionate about fatherhood and tell their story online, too."

Here are Bishop's picks for the best Canadian Insta-Dads:

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