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Canadian Foods: 10 Things We Ate And Drank In 2013

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Oh Canada. We may be known for our multicultural meals and our obsession with savoury meats and syrup, but when it comes to what we actually ordered at fast food and sit-down restaurants, it's nice to see some of us like to keep it simple.

According to a recent survey by the NPD Group, Canadians spent more money at restaurants this year than they did in 2012 — a three per cent increase. Overall, the number of restaurants across the country also increased, adding another 1,000 units to our foodie landscape.

But despite all these changes and sometimes overwhelming food trends we saw this year, what we actually preferred on our plates were the basics like poultry, salads and French fries.

The survey did, however, crown burger operators as 2013's "winner." Burger joints were not only a favourite among consumers, but these restaurants also expanded their menus and offered more snacking options.

“The snacking trend shows no sign of slowing down and while this is promising for quick-service restaurants, it’s taking its toll on the full-service sector,” said Robert Carter, executive director of Foodservice at The NPD Group in a statement.

And while these statistics show an overall and general look at what Canadians were ordering, remember: the vague "burger" category could apply to everything from gourmet burgers or a vegan burger.

So what did we eat and drink the most? Here is your top 10 list of the most ordered foods and drinks in 2013:

Top Restaurant Foods Consumed In 2013

Tap Water

Forget sparkling, we'll take the city's finest, please!


We're just hoping it wasn't plain 'ol cheese.

Alcoholic Beverages

We're not so surprised with this one (we're just surprised it's not higher on the list). According to a 2013 survey, Canadians consumed 50 per cent more alcohol than the rest of the world. Cheers.


Canadians also had their plates full of fish, oysters and other types of sea creatures this year.


You don't make friends with salad ... oh wait, Canadians do.


We may not be eating those ramen burgers, but Canadians did have a lot of interesting burgers to choose from last year ... like the cronut burger.


Wings, nuggets, grilled, you name it, Canadians preferred eating poultry in 2013.

French Fries

We like to assume this is thanks to our close relationship with poutine. Love.


Seems like Canadians were ordering more drinks than eating meals, doesn't it?

Hot Coffee

And the number one most ordered item in 2013 was ... a hot cup of coffee. Hey, at least it won't put you to sleep. A 2010 study found up to 65 per cent of all Canadians drank coffee.

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